Car Engine Service

As the owner of a MINI vehicle, there will come a time when you’ll have to replace some of your car’s original MINI parts due to wear. Every car experiences wear and tear as time passes and mileage is accumulated on the odometer, which means there’s no way to avoid having to replace certain components if you own an automobile long enough. If you have to replace parts on your MINI automobile, we invite you to shop for MINI OEM parts by number now.

Engine Wear

Types of Engine Wear:

Abrasive Wear

Corrosive Wear

Adhesive Wear

Fatigue Wear

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Unfortunately, your engine isn’t an exception when it comes to wear and tear. Now, you might be wondering, “Is there a New England-area MINI parts dealer who can explain the kind of wear an engine will experience over its lifetime?” If that question sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

As a general rule, car engines are susceptible to four kinds of wear, abrasive, corrosive, adhesive, and fatigue. As you probably guessed, abrasive wear happens when contaminants scour your engine’s metal components. Also known as chemical wear, corrosive wear occurs when a chemical of some sort negatively effects engine components. While chemical wear is never a good thing, it’s even more of a problem for vehicles that aren’t used regularly year-round. If you’ve noticed the signs of abrasive or corrosive wear on your engine, order genuine MINI parts by MINI model so you can replace the damaged components.

As we mentioned earlier, engines typically experience two additional kinds of wear. Adhesive wear occurs when metal touches metal. This kind of wear is normally the result of heavy loads or high speeds or temperatures. Fatigue stress is usually seen on components that roll like bearings. If lubricated elements in your engine experience enough stress, fatigue wear will often rear its ugly head in the form of fractures.

Why Service Your MINI Vehicle

Reasons to Service Your Car:

Prolongs car’s useful life

Protects vehicle’s resale value

Lowers cumulative service expenses

Keeps automobile running properly

Being a MINI parts dealer, it’s impossible for us to overemphasize how important it is to service your vehicle regularly. If you need OEM parts to work on the engine in your MINI car, we encourage you to add new MINI parts to your shopping cart now.

By servicing your vehicle often, you’ll enjoy some meaningful benefits like a longer useful life for your vehicle. To learn more about why regular service is so vital, contact MINI Parts Mass.

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