Follow These Steps if You’re in an Accident

As a genuine MINI parts dealer serving the New England-area and beyond, we’ve been on the receiving end of calls from people who’ve been involved in an accident. Some callers explain how grateful they were to know what they should do if an accident occurred before it did while others tell us how bewildered they were. So that you can be in the former group rather than the latter, we thought it would be a good idea to walk you through the steps you should take if you’re ever involved in a car accident.

  1. 1. Move Your Car Out of Traffic and Get to a Safe Area

The first thing you should do is get your vehicle off the road if it’s drivable. It that’s not an option, set up road flares or reflective triangles and turn on your hazard lights. Once those things are done, move to a safe area away from the roadway.

  1. 2. Check for Injuries

While your first thought might be to check our website for new MINI OEM parts to replace the damaged components on your vehicle, it’s much more important to check everyone involved in the crash for injuries. If someone is injured call for help immediately.

  1. 3. Call the Authorities

Even if a crash doesn’t cause physical injuries, you should still report it to the authorities. If the accident is minor, the police may not investigate. When that happens, you should make it a point to report the accident to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles so there’s a record of the incident.

  1. 4. Gather Information

If you know you’ll have to look through a MINI Cooper parts catalog online to get replacement parts, take pictures of the damage first. You also need to get the other driver’s contact and insurance information along with the names and phone numbers of any witnesses.

  1. 5. File an Insurance Claim

Next, you’ll need to contact your insurer and file a claim. In general, you can file a claim over the phone, in person, online or through an app. Be sure to mention that your car will need new MINI parts to restore it to its former glory.

  1. 6. Stay Calm

Emotions can run a little hot when you’re involved in an accident. Stay calm and avoid being confrontational. Remember, the other motorist will probably be just as rattled as you so it’s vital for you to remain calm.

For more tips about what you should do after an accident or to order original MIN parts, contact MINI Parts Mass today.

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