Questions We’re Asked Often

As East Coast new MINI parts dealers, people ask us questions all the time.  Of course, we’re not “just” MINI parts dealers, we’re also car enthusiasts who are knowledgeable about the automotive industry in general.  Whether you drive a MINI car or an automobile made by another brand, we want you to get the most out of your experience as a car owner.  That’s why we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.  Look through our list of frequently asked questions and contact us if you don’t see your specific question listed below.

Cars (you know—the reason you’re here)

Q: Should I use enuine MINI parts on my MINI vehicle?

A: Yes, you should use genuine MINI parts on your MINI car.  MINI parts are made specifically for MINI automobiles so they’re always the best choice for MINI cars.


Q: What is the difference between MINI OEM parts and aftermarket parts?

A: MINI OEM parts are manufactured by the MINI brand.  Aftermarket parts are made by any number of parts manufacturers other than the MINI brand.


Service & Parts

Q: Can I maintain my car with original MINI parts?

A: Replacing worn parts as necessary is a big part of maintaining your MINI car in good condition.  In general, it’s wise to replace worn parts with MINI OEM parts whenever possible, but some aftermarket parts are fine to use for maintenance purposes.


Q: Can I order MINI parts online?

A: Yes, you can order MINI parts online from us.  You can search for the parts you need using our part look-up tool and order the MINI parts you want.



Q: Can I finance my order of original MINI parts?

A: While you can’t finance your purchase of MINI parts through us, you do have several convenient payment methods to choose from.  The payment methods we accept include PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.


Q:  Can I return parts if I don’t need them? 

A: If you ordered the wrong items, you can return them to our location within 15 days even if you don’t have your invoice on hand.  To learn more about how we handle returns and refunds, read our return policy now.



Q: Can I place an order any time I want?  

A: Yes, you can order MINI parts from us any time of day or night using our website.


Q: How can I contact you?

A: You can contact us over the phone, via fax, or online.  Use our contact form to reach out to MINI Parts Mass now.

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